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‘The Last Ace’ 
Embarked for night fighting duties On July 25th 1945 Lt Bill Atkinson flying JW772/X 119 was vectored on an interception course to what was now designated as a hostile raid. As they closed in the light of the full moon Atkinson identified the intruders as a group of Aichi B7A Grace torpedo bombers flying at 20,000 feet and that were heading toward the Allied ships.
In clear, fine weather the 21 year-old Royal Canadian Navy pilot
attacked the first two Aichi in a surprise attack from astern. With these kills it made him an ace – and the last British or Commonwealth pilot to achieve this distinction during WW2.

F6F Hellcat - The Last Ace

  • This print is available in the following sizes: A2 59.4 X 42 cm or 23.3 x 16.5 inches Superwide 90 x 60 cm or 35.4 x 23.3 inches
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