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‘Night Reaper’
Warrant Officer D.W. Wray & Warrant Officer G. Wallace in a Beaufighter night fighter of No. 604 Squadron, Scorton North Yorkshire.
On the 13th July 1943 during a routine practice session with the Chain Home Low radar station at Goldsborough Warrant Officer Wray was to investigate a ‘bogey’, an unidentified aircraft that was approaching over the North Sea towards the East coast. Wray increased height to 9,500 feet and got close enough to identify the silhouette as that of a Do217. Wray positioned his aircraft 200 yards dead astern of the enemy machine and opened fire with a short burst of cannon fire as the luckless raider fell away.

Bristol Beaufighter - Night Reaper

  • This print is available in the following sizes: A2 59.4 X 42 cm or 23.3 x 16.5 inches Superwide 90 x 60 cm or 35.4 x 23.3 inches
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